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When you walk into a shop or business, you can reasonably expect them to maintain a safe environment for the general public. The floor and isles should be clear of debris, spills should be promptly mopped up and slick floors clearly marked. Failure to maintain a safe environment puts everyone entering the facility, as well as the employees working there, at risk of slipping and falling.

If you have been injured by slipping or falling, contact a Kansas City personal injury attorney at Martin & Wallentine to discuss the circumstances of your accident and learn about your legal options. We have 25 years of experience providing legal counsel to people involved in slips, falls and other personal injury incidents, and will work day and night to obtain compensation for your suffering.

Kansas City Slip & Fall Lawyer

Slips and falls can cause broken bones, twisted ankles, damaged wrists, hips and knees, and in worse case scenarios, injuries to the back or neck. These can result in hospital bills that can quickly skyrocket to thousands of dollars, and can require extended medical care and medication that is extremely expensive. The recovery time can be lengthy, making work difficult or even causing you to take a leave of absence as you heal.

Companies often try to downplay incidents or attempt to dodge responsibility, so it's imperative to obtain legal support. Don't make the mistake of thinking it was just you are being clumsy or that the injury won't affect you much. By not pursuing legal action against the establishment for their failure to provide a safe environment, you leave yourself vulnerable to having to pay costly medical bills and potentially being forced to take a leave of absence from work.

Contact a Kansas City personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and learn about the legal options available to you.

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