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Police Shoot Innocent Bystanders When They Mistake Them For Suspect

Police Chief Charlie Beck of the LAPD ultimately decided that 8 officers had violated the department's policy for use of deadly force in an incident that occurred in February 2013. Police officers were on a man hunt for former officer, Christopher Dorner, who had been suspected of killing several people while seeking revenge against the LAPD for terminating him. The suspect had been reported in a particular area and the officers spotted a pick-up truck that matched the description of the suspects. One officer mistook the sound of a newspaper hitting the ground as gunfire. Unfortunately, he then started shooting at the truck which caused other officers to shoot at the truck as well. The pickup truck occupants were not related to the suspect in any way. Rather, it was a mother and daughter out delivering newspapers. Emma Hernandez was 71 years old and was shot twice in the back. Margie Carranza was 47 and suffered wounds from the broken glass. The women's attorneys pursued a personal injury claim and helped them receive a $4.2 million settlement. Additionally, the lawyers helped the obtain $40,000 to replace their truck. Sovereign Immunity didn't protect them this time. It is still being determined what the police officers punishment. It could range from intensive re-training to termination.

As a Kansas City Personal injury attorney, I have helped clients receive money judgments due to police brutality and excessive force. But the above case is especially grievous.