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Miami Heat Star May Sue His Former Team

Former Miami Heat player, Mike Miller, might sue his former team, the Miami Heat. It was a great year for Mike and the team in basketball, as they won the NBA championship. However, Mike has apparently lost nearly $2 Million dollars to a real estate scheme.

No, the Heat organization didn't scheme him, but apparently one of their employees connected Mike with the guy who did scam him. That may be a legal stretch. At least, that's the way it appears.

Mike's lawyer has been in settlement discussions with the Heat's attorney. However, that seems to have sputtered out. Therefore, Mike's lawyer has drawn up the actual petition which will supposedly be filed. As a Kansas attorney, I have done this very thing when negotiations stopped. It sends a message to the other side that we are actually prepared to file the lawsuit and not just talking. However, it doesn't mean it will be filed right away or that settlement shouldn't be considered. In fact, it sends the message that settlement is indeed what should happen to avoid a lawsuit. Because it wasn't actually filed, it might be inferred that they are willing to compromise.