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Hidden Camera in Gynecologist's Pen

Hidden Camera in Gynecologist's Pen

Numerous patients were secretly recorded during their exams. The video recording were extremely upsetting, private, and invasive to the women. A class action lawsuit has been filed by their personal injury lawyers.

The gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy, committed suicide when what he was doing came public. He was at the world famous Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was escorted out of the health clinic in February, when his devious acts became known. He had provided care for nearly 1,000 women.

After the doctor was found dead, the police searched his home and found an "extraordinary" amount of evidence. Apparently, his tortious action became public after one of the employees figured it out, and told the hospital's CEO. Apparently that wasn't enough, as she also wrote a letter about it to the attorneys at a law firm. This is not the typical medical malpractice lawsuit.

At our firm, we have handled several interesting cases involving sexual acts, invasion of privacy, secret videos, and secret photo recordings. None of them have been connected to medical malpractice though.