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Insurance Company Uses Home in Commercial After It Refuses to Cover Home

AllState Refuses to Settle Case For What Homeowners Ask, and then Uses the Home in a Commercial

As storm Sandy was making its way to Staten Island, Dominic and Sheila Traina evacuated their home and it's contents, which were insured for $280,000. After they left, their neighbor called to inform them that the wind had blown off their roof. No problem, they were insured by Allstate. However, Allstate won't pay, because they claim that the damage was from flooding. They didn't have flood insurance. However, there was a witness to the contrary.

Allstate has offered them $10,000 to settle. Om response, Allstate has said that the insurance company is "committed to resolving the matter in accordance with the policy they purchased from our company."

Ok, so there is an argument to be made. Was the damage caused by the flood or by the wind? However, Allstate has seemingly made another mistake. In a commercial for AllState, the insurance actually used an image of the Traina's home! Ironic!

The insurance company has stated that Allstate has made nearly $1.1 billion in claim payments.

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