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City Worker Fired Due To Missing Work While Caring For Dying Wife

Tom Sapienza, a Lawrence, Mass man, was fired from his job as a public works city employee. Apparently, he took too much time off from work, to care for his dying wife. His wife, Heather Sapienza died on January 3, 2013, after a 19-month battle with brain cancer. He and his lawyer are now filing a reverse racial-discrimination lawsuit. He lawyer said, "We firmly believe that if Tom Sapienza was Hispanic and not white that he [would] have a job to come back to with the city of Lawrence."

Immediately after he was fired, they city hired Jose Santiago, who was a fired police sergeant and former state Representative. Additionally, Jose had recently been arrested for violating a protective restraining order obtained by his ex-girlfriend.

This will be an interesting civil case for the attorneys to litigate.