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Contaminated Cantaloupe

Jensen Farms and Frontera Produce, who were responsible for the recent outbreak of listeriosis that sickened at least 146 people, had one more case filed against them recently.

Paul A. Schwarz, a 92 year old man who was sickened during the outbreak, had filed a case for damages from the companies in October. The case has now been amended to a wrongful death case, because Schwarz died from the complications of the illness he contracted. Schwarz became ill originally in September, filed the case in October, but passed away in mid-December.

Sadly, Mr. Schwarz was not the only one to have succumbed to the illness caused by the bacterial infection. There were 30 other deaths previously reported, and one miscarriage as well.

For now, we will wait to see what kinds of judgments are worked out in this case and the others against Jensen Farms and Frontera Produce.