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Man Adopts Girlfriend To Shield Assets

Texas multimillionaire, John Goodman, was charged with vehicular manslaughter after a DUI accident which killed another man. Allegedly, Goodman was drinking and driving before the accident. His two trials are next month. He will have both a civil trial, dealing with wrongful death and whether he owes the family of the deceased money, and a criminal trial, which will deal with potential jail time, fines, and etc. He could face up to 30 years in jail.

Goodman just recently adopted his 42 year old girlfriend, in what many believe is his attempt to shield his assets from any judgment which may be rendered against him in the civil trial. The adoption means that his girlfriend will be legally entitled to 1/3 of the $200 million trust fund, which was set up for his two biological children. The judge in the civil case called the adoption of the girlfriend "surreal" and takes the case into a "legal twilight zone."

While the intentions behind the adoption seem false, it is legal. It will be interesting to see if the civil lawyers on the other side are able to somehow pierce the veil to get to the money. Also, one has to wonder, can he legally have sex with his adopted daughter?