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Car crashed into home in Prairie Village

Yesterday, with the weather being less than ideal, many who commute to work in the Kansas City metro noticed that there were significant delays due to accidents and problematic road conditions. While that may have been frustrating for some, it could have been a much worse morning for most of us.

Take the morning of a Prairie Village, Kansas, woman, who lived near 75th St. and Roe. Her morning, before she had the chance to leave her house, turned south rather quickly. Just before 6 a.m., a vehicle crashed into her home! The injuries she sustained were minor, but she was injured nonetheless. The accident involved two cars, and there was no word on whether the icy conditions were at fault. The woman was treated at the hospital following the incident.

As we approach winter, with its snowy, icy weather, please rememeber to drive safely. If you do happen to be injured in an accident this winter season, please contact us for a consulation to see what to expect with insurance companies and injury settlements. We are experienced in handling personal injury claims, allowing for maximum settlement claims for our clients. Call us for a free consulation today!