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Bicyclist receives $100,000 settlement

In Florence, Montana, a bicyclist recently won $100,000 in an out of court settlement for his injuries sustained because of a bicycle accident caused by a patch of ice. It was winter, and in Montana, ice and snow are to be expected. The Plaintiff, in this case, suffered traumatic brain injury, a concussion, and lost his employment, as a resul tof the accident.

Originally, the Plaintiff sued the bar because they had plowed the snow from a driveway onto the bike path. The bar, however, turned around and sued the Florence Park District, who was responsible for plowing the path. The insurance companies of both the Park District and the bar paid roughly $50,000 in damages a piece.

It was noted, however, that the bike that the Plaintiff was riding was motorized and there were signs posted regarding motorized vehicles being prohibited from that particular path.

On this slippery day in Kansas City, it may be wise to not ride your bike, motorized or otherwise, on the streets or paths around town.

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