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Beware of... Ice Cream Scoops?

During this time of year, parents may be used to hearing about the dangers of certain toys. Other gifted items also come to mind when thinking of product recalls or dangerous items, like toasters, for example. But one item most people probably didn't think was a danger was their... ice cream scoop!

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that 20,000 Pampered Chef ice cream scoops were under recall. They were all sold between July and September, 2010. The reason for the recall is that the liquid inside the scoops, when subjected to high temperatures, can expand and cause the cap to "rocket" off the handle. There have been 16 reports of problems, and at least 6 reports of injuries, albeit minor ones like bruising, at this point.

Contact Pampered Chef with any questions or to return or replace your defective scooper. If you own a Pampered Chef ice cream scoop, do not continue using it. There may still be time to put a new scoop on your Christmas list!

During this busy season of giving, make sure the things you give and receive are safe for use. If you or someone you know has been injured because of a faulty or dangerous product, contact our office to arrange a free consultation to discuss your possible case.