Truck Accident

Kansas City Truck Accident Attorney

Financial Repercussions of a Truck Accident

Due to the difference in size between a truck and other vehicles on the road, accidents involving trucks usually result in significant injuries. Because of the very great potential for serious injury, the medical costs associated with a truck accident can be disastrously high. Without proper compensation, medical treatment for injuries sustained, the cost of physical therapy and continued treatment necessary to recover, and the high priced prescription drugs can be a crippling financial burden.

An individual may also need time off from work to recover, during which the loss of a consistent wage can place further strain on an individual's finances. With all this in mind, the need for the advice and guidance of a Kansas City personal injury attorney when seeking compensation for your injuries is an absolute necessity. A highly qualified personal injury attorney can greatly increase the likelihood that you will receive the amount of compensation your injuries require.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Kansas City

At Martin & Wallentine we have over two decades of experience representing clients in personal injury cases involving a truck accident. Over the years we have learned how to avoid all the pitfalls and strategies insurance agencies employ to avoid having to pay full compensation. You can trust that we have the experience, knowledge, and know-how to successfully negotiate with these insurance companies to help ensure you get the compensation you need. Your injuries may leave you in lasting pain and extreme discomfort for years and years; we will do everything in our power to make sure your compensation covers the impact your injuries will have on your future. Do not settle for an insurance payout that does not adequately cover your needs. Speak with an attorney from our firm today; your future may depend on it.

Contact a Kansas City truck accident attorney if you have been involved in a truck accident. We practice extensively and have represented hundreds of clients throughout Johnson County and cities including Olathe, Gardner, Lenexa, Overland Park, Shawnee, Leawood, and Kansas City.