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About Dangerous Drug Cases

When it comes to our health, we trust that our doctors and other medical professionals have our personal well-being in mind and that they will not perform and action or prescribe any drugs that will place us in danger. Since we consider that these doctors authorities on all matters relating to health, in most instances we will not question their advice or diagnosis. In some cases a physician will prescribe a drug that can turn out to be dangerous to your health. In most defective drug cases, the fault does not lie with the prescribing doctor but with the company that manufactured the drug.

Pharmaceutical companies have the legal responsibility to ensure that any drug they release does not pose a significant threat to the public. Harmful and serious side effects can go unnoticed by drug testers and researchers until it is too late. One such defective drug is the Ortho Evra birth control patch. If you have used the Ortho Evra in the past and experienced any troubling symptoms, it is very important to consult a doctor immediately. Once you have received comprehensive medical attention from your doctor, it is very important to seek out a Kansas City personal injury attorney.

Dangerous Drugs Lawyer in Kansas City

At Martin & Wallentine our attorneys have extensive experience handling all kinds of dangerous drug cases. We can assist you in filing a defective drug lawsuit as a single-plaintiff defective drug action or as a member of a class action defective drug lawsuit if a class action suit already exists in relation to the drug in question. We believe that you should not have to pay the price for negligence on the part of pharmaceutical companies. Your health and your future are too important to not seek compensation for the injuries or hardships you've suffered as a result of dangerous drugs.

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