Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injuries

Automobile wrecks can cause any number and severity of injuries, ranging from being dazed to a fatality. However, as a car accident attorney, I have noticed some injuries that appear to be more common than others. The following is a list of injuries often sustained in vehicle accidents.

Back Injury: We've all heard of whiplash. When another vehicle crashes into your vehicle, it causes the body to violently jerk back and forth, causing injury to the back, including spinal fractures, back sprain, back strain, disc compressions, lumbar radiculopathy and other lumbar spine injury. Sometimes, the severity of the back injury isn't realized by my client until sometime after the wreck. That's why it is important to strongly consider going to the hospital right after the wreck to get completely checked out.

Neck Injury: This is similar to a back injury as it is often caused by whiplash, leading to neck strain, cervical radiculopathy, disc problems, or even a broken neck, or even becoming paralyzed.

Head Injury: Brain trauma can range from a slight concussion to death or TBI (traumatic brain injury) Sometimes, symptoms can arise weeks later. This can cause a problem as insurance companies don't want to pay for such expensive treatment and medical bills. This will often try to say that these new symptoms were caused by something else. In such cases, your personal injury attorney may look into the possibility of bringing a neurologists medical expert into you case.

Facial Injury: Car wrecks can seriously damage a person's face, sometimes requiring plastic surgery due to lacerations and cuts on the face.

Psychological Injury: When a person is injured in a car wreck, sometimes the most serious problems is the mental and psychological trauma the person experiences. As a personal injury lawyer, I have seen people who had an extremely difficult time driving afterward, or even being a passenger in a vehicle. People can suffer short or long-term psychological injuries and even develop PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

If you have been injured in a car wreck, seek medical attention right away and document your injuries. Auto accident injuries can negatively affect your life and you need to make sure that you are taken care of.

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