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  • Woman Dies When Nurse Refuses to Provide CPR

    || 4-Mar-2013

    While nursing homes provide medical care to its clients, independent living facilities generally do not. This reality was clarified recently at a nursing home when a nurse refused to save a dying 87 year old at Glenwood Gardens in Bakersfield. Apparently, the facility had different independent levels of care as they had both a nursing home as well as independent living. The 87 year old woman was a ...
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  • Jury Awards $108.6 Million

    || 24-Dec-2012

    After trial last week, the jury deliberated for two hours. They then awarded the Plaintiffs $108.6 million. The award was in favor of Gail and Darrell Mansfield of Kingsville, Mo. against a religious group, including the Horner's, who were allegedly the leaders of the group. They were the parents of Misty Mansfield. Misty died a month after giving birth to a stillborn baby at home. The ...
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  • Woman with Cystic Fibrosis Dies of Cancer

    || 19-Dec-2012

    Jennifer Wederell was born in 1985 with cystic fibrosis. Yet, she died of lung cancer at the age of twenty seven. How did this happen? She only got this cancer after she received an organ lung transplant from the body of a heavy smoker. She had been on the waiting list for 11 months, until she finally received the lungs in April 2011. However, she was never told that the donor had been a smoker, ...
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  • NFL Lawsuit Regarding Brain Injurys

    || 8-Jun-2012

    Several weeks ago we wrote about concussions, lawsuits, personal injury and The National Football League. It has continued to be a hot topic. As thousands of former NFL players have filed lawsuits regarding brain injuries, the have been consolidated into one overall complaint. Riddell, Inc. is also a named defendant. They make helmets used in the NFL A complaint was filed by the lawyers yesterday ...
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  • Man Adopts Girlfriend To Shield Assets

    || 8-Feb-2012

    Texas multimillionaire, John Goodman, was charged with vehicular manslaughter after a DUI accident which killed another man. Allegedly, Goodman was drinking and driving before the accident. His two trials are next month. He will have both a civil trial, dealing with wrongful death and whether he owes the family of the deceased money, and a criminal trial, which will deal with potential jail time, ...
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  • Contaminated Cantaloupe

    || 4-Jan-2012

    Jensen Farms and Frontera Produce, who were responsible for the recent outbreak of listeriosis that sickened at least 146 people, had one more case filed against them recently. Paul A. Schwarz, a 92 year old man who was sickened during the outbreak, had filed a case for damages from the companies in October. The case has now been amended to a wrongful death case, because Schwarz died from the ...
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  • Generally speaking, corrective measures taken by defendant after a personal injury are inadmissible to prove fault. However, in Missouri product liability personal injury cases, it is much easier to get subsequent remedial measures into evidence. For example, was the product flaw corrected and do the subsequent models sold have that correction? Those corrections or modifications can be used as ...
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  • Missouri pharmacist liability

    || 16-Nov-2011

    Clearly, a pharmacist is responsible for filling the correct medication, that is the main purpose of their job. Missouri State Statute 195.060.1, is very clear on what information is required to be documented on the prescription label. Not only are pharmacies required to have the patients basic vitals, such as: name, address, etc., but also the drug name, strength, dosage directions, among other ...
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  • How to thwart cumulative defense witnesses

    || 26-Oct-2011

    It is often the approach of medical malpractice insurance companies and their lawyers to fight them with little to no negotiation and vigorous defense. A common defense tactic in big medical malpractice cases is to name multiple doctors to testify on the same subject as an expert. Why do this? Two reasons, one, if one doctor testifies bad in a deposition then the defense will dis-endorse that ...
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