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  • Insurance Company Uses Home in Commercial After It Refuses to Cover Home

    || 29-Jan-2013

    AllState Refuses to Settle Case For What Homeowners Ask, and then Uses the Home in a Commercial As storm Sandy was making its way to Staten Island, Dominic and Sheila Traina evacuated their home and it's contents, which were insured for $280,000. After they left, their neighbor called to inform them that the wind had blown off their roof. No problem, they were insured by Allstate. However, ...
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  • Status Update: I'm going out of town for the weekend.

    || 16-Apr-2012

    Police in Nashua, N.H. said they recovered between $100,000 and $200,000 worth of stolen property that was taken from over 50 home burglaries. Be careful what you post on Facebook and Twitter. Investigators said that the suspects used social networking sites to identify victims who posted online that they would not be home at a certain time. So when you go on vacation or head out with your friends ...
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  • Car crashed into home in Prairie Village

    || 7-Dec-2011

    Yesterday, with the weather being less than ideal, many who commute to work in the Kansas City metro noticed that there were significant delays due to accidents and problematic road conditions. While that may have been frustrating for some, it could have been a much worse morning for most of us. Take the morning of a Prairie Village, Kansas, woman, who lived near 75th St. and Roe. Her morning, ...
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  • Missouri uninsured motorist insurance for falling objects

    || 26-Nov-2011

    Under Missouri law, if you have auto liability coverage than you also have, at a minimum, $25,000 in Missouri uninsured motorist coverage. An uninsured motorist is a driver with no insurance, but also an unidentified negligent driver is also considered an uninsured motorist. Examples are hit and run drivers or sometimes where a object hits your vehicle while on the highway. Such as a piece of ...
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  • Negligent driver not entitled to judgment reduction for med mal settlement

    || 9-Nov-2011

    Automobile tort defendant not entitled to a reduction of judgment amount under § 537.060 for settlement paid by doctor on malpractice claim for treating injuries arising out the same accident. Gibson v. City of St. Louis, et al., No. 95949 (Mo. App. E.D., September 20, 2011), Crane, J. Plaintiff was involved in a one-car automobile accident caused by ice on the roadway; Plaintiff sustained a ...
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  • Missouri ruling limits Arbitration clause for unconscionability

    || 27-Oct-2011

    A case from the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, sitting en banc, with two separate opinions. The case provides a very detailed discussion of whether an arbitration provision in a contract between an insurer and a chiropractor is enforceable. The court concludes that the agreement is unconscionable: While an ordinary person could reasonably expect general arbitration provisions in an ...
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  • Limits on an insurer's duty to provide legal defense after settlement

    || 23-Oct-2011

    In a new case, the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, held that an insurer that had paid its policy limits in full settlement of one claim arising from an incident was no longer required to provide a defense to the insured in connection with another claim arising from the same incident. National Beef Packing v. Zurich :
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  • Health Insurer cannot seek reimbursement from lawsuit proceeds

    || 11-Oct-2011

    Lets say you are involved in a Missouri auto accident with injuries and your health insurance, that you pay for, covers your medical expenses. Can that heath insurer now demand you pay them back from the proceeds of your auto accident settlement or judgment against the at fault driver? Absolutely not - but they try all the time. Under Missouri injury law it is clear that a lien or subrogation ...
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  • Insurance Company Withholding Settlement Check pending Medicare lien

    || 3-Oct-2011

    Medicare liens and other healthcare liens play an important role in personal cases and need to be addressed early on in the case and handled properly to limit the amount of the lien. In the case of Wilson v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, No. 3:10-CV-256-H, 2011 WL 2378190 [2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 63430 (W.D. Ky., June 15, 2011), the United States District Court for the Western ...
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