LA Police Break Person's Face When He Rode His Skateboard on the wrong Side of the Street

Posted By Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney || 7-Sep-2012

The LA police witnessed an incredibly serious crime recently, which surely justified their breaking the offender's nose and cheekbone. What did the offender do, justifying such extreme force and brutality? He was riding his skateboard on the wrong side of the street! The offender, who got beat up by the police was 20 year old Ronald Weekly. He is a college sophomore at Xavier. Ron told reporters, "I thought I was going to die." Lawyer Benjamin Crump has been retained to represent him. Fortunately, much of the attack was caught on film, so the real truth about what did or didn't happen will be made known. The personal injury attorney will likely utilize this valuable evidence. Sovereign Immunity hopefully won't prevent justice in this case.