Blog Posts in January, 2012

  • Turbulence injuries

    || 23-Jan-2012

    On Sunday night, on a flight from Brazil to Miami, three members of an American Airlines flight crew were injured. They were taken to Miami hospitals upon landing, but no additional information regarding their individual conditions was released. No one else on the flight that included roughly 140 passengers and a crew of 9 had reported any injuries. While this is sure to be a Worker's ...
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  • Being Chased Down After an Accident?

    || 11-Jan-2012

    Today, I heard about a New Jersey bill that was enacted regarding something I never realized was an issue! In short, the bill prevents lawyers, chiropractors, doctors and other healthcare professionals from contacting people who have been the victim of an accident until 30 days have elapsed. The reason for such a bill, apparently, is because some attorneys and medical professionals track down ...
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  • Contaminated Cantaloupe

    || 4-Jan-2012

    Jensen Farms and Frontera Produce, who were responsible for the recent outbreak of listeriosis that sickened at least 146 people, had one more case filed against them recently. Paul A. Schwarz, a 92 year old man who was sickened during the outbreak, had filed a case for damages from the companies in October. The case has now been amended to a wrongful death case, because Schwarz died from the ...
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