Blog Posts in 2012

  • Jury Awards $108.6 Million

    || 24-Dec-2012

    After trial last week, the jury deliberated for two hours. They then awarded the Plaintiffs $108.6 million. The award was in favor of Gail and Darrell Mansfield of Kingsville, Mo. against a religious group, including the Horner's, who were allegedly the leaders of the group. They were the parents of Misty Mansfield. Misty died a month after giving birth to a stillborn baby at home. The ...
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  • Woman with Cystic Fibrosis Dies of Cancer

    || 19-Dec-2012

    Jennifer Wederell was born in 1985 with cystic fibrosis. Yet, she died of lung cancer at the age of twenty seven. How did this happen? She only got this cancer after she received an organ lung transplant from the body of a heavy smoker. She had been on the waiting list for 11 months, until she finally received the lungs in April 2011. However, she was never told that the donor had been a smoker, ...
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  • Kansas Uses Frye Test While Some Other States Use Daubert

    || 10-Dec-2012

    When it comes to expert testimony, Kansas adheres to the Frye test which says, "Just when a scientific principle or discovery crosses the line between the experimental and demonstrable stages is difficult to define. Somewhere in this twilight zone the evidential force of the principle must be recognized, and while the courts will go a long way in admitting experimental testimony deduced from ...
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  • LA Police Break Person's Face When He Rode His Skateboard on the wrong Side of the Street

    || 7-Sep-2012

    The LA police witnessed an incredibly serious crime recently, which surely justified their breaking the offender's nose and cheekbone. What did the offender do, justifying such extreme force and brutality? He was riding his skateboard on the wrong side of the street! The offender, who got beat up by the police was 20 year old Ronald Weekly. He is a college sophomore at Xavier. Ron told ...
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  • Potential Defenses in NFL Injury Suit

    || 24-Aug-2012

    My friend, whom I played football with in college is irate at the former NFL players who are suing the NFL. He believes they should be grateful for what the NFL did for them rather than pursing legal action. However, many others are angry at the NFL for allegedly covering up the dangers and seriousness of concussions. Some believe the NFL should be financially liable. Regardless of where you ...
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  • NFL Lawsuit Regarding Brain Injurys

    || 8-Jun-2012

    Several weeks ago we wrote about concussions, lawsuits, personal injury and The National Football League. It has continued to be a hot topic. As thousands of former NFL players have filed lawsuits regarding brain injuries, the have been consolidated into one overall complaint. Riddell, Inc. is also a named defendant. They make helmets used in the NFL A complaint was filed by the lawyers yesterday ...
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  • Something to Chatter About...

    || 1-May-2012

    If your dentist is your ex, you might want to think about making a switch to a new dentist. Just days after breaking up with this girlfriend, Marek Olszewski got a toothache. How convenient that his ex-girlfriend, Anna Mackowiak, happened to be a dentist. Olszewski decided to go to Mackowiak's office to see if she could help him out. It is alleged that Mackowiak gave her ex a heavy dose of ...
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  • Teacher...Bully?

    || 26-Apr-2012

    Stuart Chaifetz of New Jersey was a little confused when he kept getting phone calls from his son Akian's teachers, saying that Akain was having violent outbursts and hitting. This is because at home Akain is "sweet and non-violent in nature." Chaifetz decided to send his son to school wearing a wire. Ten-year-old Akian, who has Autism, returned with a tape containing hours of verbal ...
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  • NFL Personal Injury Lawsuits

    || 16-Apr-2012

    Last Thursday, an audio recording of coach Greg's Williams speech to players in the Saint's locker room was released. The recording confirmed the league's investigation that the Saint's program had incentivized injuring opponents. As a personal injury attorney, this got me thinking about the numerous civil lawsuits that will surely follow. I just recently got a judgment of $740,000 ...
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  • Status Update: I'm going out of town for the weekend.

    || 16-Apr-2012

    Police in Nashua, N.H. said they recovered between $100,000 and $200,000 worth of stolen property that was taken from over 50 home burglaries. Be careful what you post on Facebook and Twitter. Investigators said that the suspects used social networking sites to identify victims who posted online that they would not be home at a certain time. So when you go on vacation or head out with your friends ...
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  • N.J. man survives nail shot through heart

    || 11-Apr-2012

    New Jersey man Dennis Hennis was working on his neighbor's roof last Saturday when his nail gun jammed. When the 52-year-old tried to clear the gun, he felt like someone poked him in the chest. It turns out the self-employed builder had accidentally shot a 3.5-inch nail into the right side of his heart. Hennis' nail gun fired a nail at 120 pounds of pressure per square inch that pierced ...
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  • Jury Awards $535K in Personal Injury Case

    || 5-Apr-2012

    A Sauk County jury awarded a 39-year-old Wisconsin Dells woman one of the state’s largest settlements ever in a personal injury case not involving broken bones. The $535,000 settlement from the case completed on March 15. According to the complaint, Renea Perez was southbound on U.S. Highway 12 in Wisconsin Dells when her car was hit from behind by another driver who was pushed into her by ...
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  • Excessive Use of Police Force

    || 7-Mar-2012

    A woman recently won a case against the New York Police Department regarding the excessive use of police force. The awarded damages were $1.218 million for her neck and back injuries. The woman, Ms. Stephanie Adams, had threatened a taxidriver, saying she was going to shoot him. She had been wearing tight clothing and was clearly unarmed, however, the police threw her to the ground at gunpoint. A ...
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  • Man Adopts Girlfriend To Shield Assets

    || 8-Feb-2012

    Texas multimillionaire, John Goodman, was charged with vehicular manslaughter after a DUI accident which killed another man. Allegedly, Goodman was drinking and driving before the accident. His two trials are next month. He will have both a civil trial, dealing with wrongful death and whether he owes the family of the deceased money, and a criminal trial, which will deal with potential jail time, ...
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  • Upcoming Kansas City Weather

    || 3-Feb-2012

    As the weather shifts from relatively mild and dry to wet and potentially cold, take extra care while out and about this weekend. At this point, it appears that it will likely rain through today and tomorrow and may even snow on Sunday. We all know that both rain and snow negatively affect the road conditions. Take precautions, and if something were to happen, be sure to contact us for a free ...
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